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Sonic Powered Endo Irrigator

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Safer, more efficient, more effective canal irrigation. Sonic irrigator with 3D Active Flow™ technology and unique tip design enhances irrigant flow in even the smallest canals

Feature & Benefit

Rotational & Vertical Movement

Indentation along the tip, combined with counter clockwise motion, ensures 3D active flow. The unique shape and design of the EQ-S tip creat stronger force, which enhances flow in small canal.

Polymer Tip

– less pressure to the apical foramen
– Easier access to curved canals
– Perfect interaction with irrigant
– Color coded


Pink or Grey
EQ-S Tip 15/.02 × 30EA
EQ-S Tip 25/.02 × 30EA
EQ-S Tip 35/.02 × 30EA
Protective Sleeve × 100EA

Additional information


Pink, Gray


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