Filtek Z-250 (Syringe) 4gm (Buy 2 Get 1 Free)


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Universal Restorative Syringe System
Lowest polymerization shrinkage, putting less stress on tooth.
Wear resistant and strength Fracture toughness.
Outstanding resistance to slumping, allowing easy occlusal contoring prior to curing.
Ideal flow and viscosit, Suitable for all restorations.
Dose not stick to instruments, saving time struglling with pullbacks.
Three Year shelf life. 2.5mm increments cures in only 20 seconds!
Compatable with the 3m single bond system.

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Filtek Z-250 (Syringe) 4gm A1, Filtek Z-250 (Syringe) 4gm A2, Filtek Z-250 (Syringe) 4gm A3, Filtek Z-250 (Syringe) 4gm A3.5, Filtek Z-250 (Syringe) 4gm A4


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